Monday, 17 May 2010

Allow that.

Not blogged for a while. Not even during the Election. Communication fail, and I take full responsibility my loves. I generally was in an 'allow that' mentality...

Which brings me to the point. Today, this blog is just an extension of my already extensive thoughts. Imagine if, in many famous instances of world and solar-system events, someone had just said 'ALLOW' or 'ALLOW THAT'. For those not familiar with a bit of 21st century UK pseudo-gangster slang, this means that the said person who uttered this phrase decided that they couldn't be bothered or refused to do a certain task. As opposed to the traditional meaning of 'to allow' as in letting something happen. Still don't get it? Urban Dictionary definition. Now think of you favourite(or most hated) famous figures, and now imagine them saying 'allow that' while they are on the cusp of a world-changing event....

Here's some I made earlier.

1. Imagine if Power Rangers had said 'Allow that'
2. Imagine if Frodo had said 'Allow that bruv I gotta pick some carrots in the shire'
3. Imagine if Romeo was just like 'Allow Juliet innit'
4. Imagine if Obi-Wan decided to allow it and become a bartender
5. Imagine if Hitler was just like 'you know what, allow this'
6. Imagine if Doctor Who decided that his extensive time travel needed to be allowed
7. Imagine if Bella allowed Edward
8.Imagine if Michael Jackson ran away to the circus, therefore 'allowing' his budding music career.
9. Imagine if Martin Luther King 'llowed it.
10. Imagine if The Devil decided that waging his war against The Good needed to be allowed
11. Imagine if Steve Jobs was just like 'Nahhhh allow this, I'ma make doorknobs'
12. Imagine if Obama decided he was gonna shoot some hoops and allow the whole politics lark.
13. Imagine if Osama Bin Laden allowed it and became a docile sheep herder instead
14. Imagine if Superman made the decision to allow. Jeeeeez.
15. Imagine...if John Lennon allowed Imagining

etc etc etc etc etc

I could go on and on and on...but I have to revise. I think we can learn 1 thing from this relatively pointless blog. If you wanna do something good...don't allow...if you wanna do something bad...ALLOW IT.