Sunday, 10 January 2010

Mission Transmission.

Hi. My name is Almaz Messenger. I am 19. I live in a not-so-leafy suburb of London. Well, I suppose it's alot more leafy than alot of places on the big wid e world.

But as this is my first post on this blog, and i have to get it out there short after I've written my last full stop, I'm guessing you already know that stuff.

So, I've recently started a new music project, named Courage at the Teaparty. Yes, I know it sounds incredibly pretentious in an especially trying-to-be-The-Quirk way, but I promise you whole-heartedly, there is a reason for it. I'm used to acousticy stuff so to go even semi-electro is a shock to the system. But first and foremost I just want to make good music.

In short, it means being who you are though popular culture tries to influence you otherwise. Tea parties were places wher you had to put on airs and graces to fit in, or seem a certain way, or deemed acceptable socially. So, to have courage in this instance would be to have the bravery to break free of the norms and be who or what you were born to be.

A friend called Georgie once revealed a great truth to me about life and the way we live it. We pretend all the time. Life consists of consecutive instances of pretending, or faking it. For example, we are out 'having a good time' with some people. But the thing is, we look like we are having a good time, so does everyone else, but if we really thought about it we would rather be at home, snuggled on the sofa, watching back to backs of 90210. And if someone asks us if we had a good time it was apparently, and automatically 'immense'. Or we talk to a friend on Facebook (or your preffered networking site) who we haven't seen in ages, asking them about 21 questions about their life and times, but if we stop and thought, we don't really care, ecause when they have replied and asked the questions back, we just can't be arsed to reply. The list goes on and on and on.

In this blog, I hope to also give my view on life and daily happenings and hopefully I can look back on this and see how I have changed. I also will be letting y'all know about the musical developments of Courage at the Tea Party and other projects, especially with a boy named Felix :).

And right now, I ain't about to chat 'bout no snow!

Love ( makes the world go round) x

oh and Happy New year.

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