Tuesday, 2 November 2010


There it is. One of those sentences you will never hear a Brit say. I mean, it's rude right? Let someone else blow your trumpet and all that. Okay, fair enough, it's probably not cool to walk around proclaim this randomly and frequently, because that may be a little odd, but lets assume someone has payed you a compliment. Here's how it usually goes:

Friend/Person: Oh, you look really nice today
You: Yeah but, my hair is a mess


Friend/Person: Oh, you look really nice today
You: (Sheepish smile) Oh, thanks


Friend/Person: Oh, you look really nice today

Admittedly, the second one isn't too bad. The other two suck, and I know I'm a culprit sometimes. Because it's embarassing right? Even if you have spent quite a while that morning making yourself look fabulous, or if you glanced in the mirror and thought that this is actually a good day for you, how do you acknowledge it without looking like you have a head the size of a whale? It's a little uncomfortable.

Well, next time you receive a compliment ( you too Almaz) that you think is deserved, don't hide behind a sheepish smile. Say thank you with all the quiet confidence you can muster...you're beautiful today.

In fact, do me a favour, I'll do it too. Even though I genuinely genuinely genuinely look a mess as I've just woken up. Lean out the window and shout to the world 'I LOOK FABULOUS TODAY BECAUSE I AM (strong word here optional) FABULOUS'. Can you do that for me? Shrug off your very british politeness, and go a bit, God forbid, USA on the world for a couple seconds. Whether you think you are fearfully and wonderfully made, or you just look kind alright today, go for it. 1, 2, 3...GO

I just did it. Literally. Admittedly, it was out to the garden, but I still did it! Admittedly, I dropped down on my bed exceptionally quickly, but I still did it! And I know most of you won't, but it's a nice thought to do it, especially if you took a while to get ready this morning...whisper it if anything. And if and when you get compliment today, or ever, you'll remember this moment and feel all warm.

Oh you beautiful, beautiful people.


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